August, 2020

Deby Beard describes the 2018 Don Melchor as the perfect wine

In an exclusive interview between the prestigious Mexican journalist Deby Beard and winemaker Enrique Tirado, the expert called the latest vintage by Don Melchor “perfect.”

After obtaining a historic score of 100 points from James Suckling, Don Melchor has clenched its position as one of the great high-end Cabernet Sauvignons in the world, “after over 30 years of ongoing work, challenges and unconditional love for the terroir,” explains journalist Deby Beard, on the website, describing the 2018 vintage as a perfect wine.

For Beard, after receiving this important distinction, Don Melchor has become an important star among high-end wines. And just as James Suckling described it when awarding those well-deserved 100 points, it is “a complex wine, with a great body, refined, with an impeccable texture and long finish.”

To conclude, Beard invites readers to indulge in the hidden secrets of a bottle of Don Melchor and discover for themselves perfection in the form of wine.

Deby Beard is a respected and well-known Mexican journalist and opinion leader who has become an icon in the world of wine during the last decade. She holds over 150 wine tastings a year and has been invited as a guest of honor at prestigious events in the food and wine sector organized by the embassies of Australia, Chile, and New Zealand.