August, 2020

Don Melchor holds instagram live with Wineterroir

Enrique Tirado participated in a successful Instagram Live video with renowned wine writer, Robert Vernick.

On August 27th, the renowned and influential wine writer, Robert Vernick, interviewed Enrique Tirado in an Instagram Live video, where they were able to talk about the wine’s track record, the importance of its origin and the characteristics that make it an unmatched terroir, followed by a wine tasting of three of Don Melchor’s vintages: 2005, 2017 and 2018.

The wine critic highlighted the great elegance and consistency found in Don Melchor, as well as the exceptional expression of the Puente Alto terroir.

Vernick also praised the complexity of Don Melchor, comparing it to the great wines of the Old World and naming it an indisputable leader among the great wines of the world.