June, 2020

Enrique Tirado leads multiple online wine tastings

Don Melchor’s winemaker has successfully executed a digital activation strategy in the brand’s key markets.

Enrique Tirado has led an active participation through digital media as part of the emphasis on the brand’s digital strategy. During June, the winemaker for Don Melchor participated in multiple wine tastings through diverse online platforms in the Peruvian, Brazilian, Costa Rican and Paraguayan markets.

In these tastings, Enrique has been able to talk to consumers about the characteristics of Don Melchor and the 2017 vintage in particular, explaining why it is such a unique vintage that truly represents the essence of Don Melchor and the extraordinary terroir of Puente Alto.

Enrique Tirado has also participated in a successful workforce training for the Breakthru Beverage store in the state of Wisconsin, one of the most important specialized wine shops in the United States.