July, 2020

Enrique Tirado’s World Tour to Present the 2017 Vintage

Within the framework of the launch of the 2017 vintage, winemaker Enrique Tirado toured the top cities in Brazil, Asia, the United States and Panama.

Panama City, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Beijing and Sao Paulo were all on the itinerary for the launch of the 2017 vintage of Don Melchor and presentation of the new Viña Don Melchor, whose purpose is to highlight the wine’s identity and sense of origin, positioning it among the most important brands in the world.

In each city, Enrique Tirado, lead winemaker for the new winery, organized dinners for clients, tastings with some of the representative vintages of Don Melchor and attended a number of interviews with the relevant specialized press in each country.

The trip to Panama included a successful wine pairing dinner with clients, a tasting of some of Don Melchor’s most representative vintages with the press, a number of interviews and an exclusive dinner with the brand’s most important distributors in Central America and the Caribbean.

Likewise, Don Melchor had a successful anniversary celebration in Shanghai, with the attendance of key clients and relevant members of the press. Enrique Tirado’s visit also included a Master Class with different vintages of Don Melchor, as well as participation in “Great Wines of the World” event in Beijing, organized each year by the acclaimed critic James Suckling.

In the U.S. Market, the presentation of Viña Don Melchor included an exclusive event in New York at the upscale restaurant, Legacy Records. The event was attended by members of important specialized media, renowned sommeliers, and some influencers, who participated in a tasting of 10 vintages of Don Melchor, led by winemaker Enrique Tirado along with sommeliers Fred Dexheimer and Arvid Rosengren. On the other hand, the trip to Miami included a successful wine pairing dinner with members of the press and consumers, who had the chance to taste and pair some of the vintages of Don Melchor in alliance with the exclusive Ocean Drive magazine.

Finally, winemaker Enrique Tirado traveled to Sao Paulo for the official launch of Viña Don Melchor in Brazil, one of the brand’s most important markets.

At this time, and in addition to introducing the wine’s 2017 vintage, participants, including over 20 members of the press, had the chance to taste the 1987, 1995, 2001, 2013 and 2017 vintages of Don Melchor, as well as an exclusive wine pairing menu prepared by Isabel Coelho, the distinguished head chef of the restaurant Farol Santander in Sao Paulo.

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