July, 2020

Extraordinary Reception of the 2017 Vintage of Don Melchor in the International Press

As part of the launch of the latest vintage of Don Melchor, a meticulous Sampling Program was carried out, in which 100 bottles were sent to the key specialized media in the U.S., Brazil, Asia and Panama.

A successful Sampling Program strategy was carried out by the Don Melchor marketing team, for the purpose of presenting the product to the media, as well as key opinion leaders, specialized press and online media in some of the brand’s most important markets.

In the U.S., this strategy implied 19 appearances in the online media, 5 mentions in the printed press, and over 20 posts and/or Instagram Lives on social media.

In Brazil, Don Melchor appeared in 17 online media outlets, 12 newspapers and magazines, and over 29 social media posts.

In Panama, there were 5 important articles published in the renowned printed media, such as Prime and Capital Financiero, and over a dozen posts on social media.

Finally, in Asia, the program led to 16 media appearances.