August, 2020

The sommelier Basilio Barros talks with Tomás Vial

 Tomás Vial sat down to talk with sommelier Basilio Barros of Felipe Motta winestore in Panama.

This past August 20th, Basilio Barros, Sommelier for the Panamanian store, Felipe Motta, and Tomás Vial, part of the winemaking team for Don Melchor, participated in an Instagram Live video.

In the video, they spoke about the history of the wine, the work done on the vineyard, and how it is subdivided into 7 plots of Cabernet Sauvignon with different expressions.

Likewise, they discussed the details of Don Melchor’s winemaking process and spoke about how the final blend is made in France: where every year Enrique Tirado, CEO of Viña Don Melchor, travels to the town of Lamarque, France, with samples from the different plots, and after a tasting with Eric Boissenot, a consultant with a lot of experience with wines from the Medoc region, they determine the final blend.

In the Live video, Barros and Vial also talked about the formation of Viña Don Melchor, its structure, and how Tomas joined the winemaking team after 4 years working at the Almaviva winery.